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People have been asking me,"Do you think this is the begining of the end of the world" I answer no one knows for sure when the end will be, however it is possible according to the Word of God (John 16:13 )the Holy Spirit will show us things to come: Mailing list Click Here We are entering into a New Time System called Future of Tomorrow The Spirit of the Lord has to speak to His people whom are called the people of the Light+ (Amos 3:8) God said I will not do anything without telling my Prophet first with a warning? The Future has to be spoken to you from a place called ="Future of Tomorrow" because there is no sin in the Future So the Lord's Prophecy for the Australian people 2021 will be a Spiritual Fire,through a harvest of souls,that shall receive his name in water baptismal fire:A new Restoration to the body of Christ will sweep through the land. If we do not repent of the decisions we made for the sacrifice of children to satanic forces, then the curses